J.M. Davis Foundation Antique Firearms Auction

J.M. Davis Foundation Antique Firearms Auction

  • April 30, 2019
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Kentucky Rifles * Jaegers * Mausers * Early Marked US  Makers * German Guns


Auction Date

The live auction will be held at the J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum on Friday, Saturday & Sunday July 26, 27, & 28th, 2019


The J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum is located at:

330 N J.M Davis Blvd, Claremore OK 74014


Lots can be previewed in person at the J.M. Davis Museum on Wednesday & Thursday July 24-25.

Welcome to our JM Davis Firearms Sale

The JM Davis Firearms Museum in Claremore Oklahoma is the largest firearms museum in the world! In celebration of fifty years of existence, we’ve been asked by the JM Davis Foundation to auction the antique guns and firearms that were a part of JM Davis’ private collection, occupying a store room for over fifty years. Proceeds from the sale directly benefit the long term curation and maintenance of the collection.

Working with the Museum staff, Foundation, and Commission that governs the Museum, we mutually  decided to hold the auction at the Museum itself. This is an important decision because it will potentially bring hundreds of enthusiasts and collectors to Claremore to see the museum and have a chance at buying one of JM Davis’ personal collectibles.

The goods in the sale have been under lock and key for 50-59 years. The Museum holds approximately 14,000 antique guns and firearms, representing virtually every aspect of this part of world history. These items represent an entire genre of inventions, from hunting to target shooting competitions to weaponry, virtually from the earliest inventions such as cross bows to early flint-lock guns and rifles.

We welcome all of you to come visit the Museum and chat with fellow collectors and enthusiasts. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The JM Davis Museum is a wonderful historical representation of antique weaponry. The 40,000 square feet of displays show off the wide variety of firearms and their incremental development through time. There are also displays of some of the most famous weapons owned by criminals and lawmen, and also the macabre….


Federal Firearms Laws and Regulations

We would like to use this opportunity to help teach collectors about Federal Firearms laws and regulations. In this changing legal landscape, it can be difficult to understand the laws. But in concept, they are really quite simple. Anything (gun) made after 1898 (Spanish-American War) is considered a Firearm, and any public sale requires a transfer through a qualified FFL holder- a dealer with a Federal Firearms License. Almost everybody uses a dealer nearby at your local gun store. There are several classes of FFL dealers, and your local store can discuss these with you. The FFL process involves a background check, which can be accommodated on computer by your FFL dealer.  You don’t need an FFL to buy a firearm, but you are not eligible if you are a Felon or do not pass the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) background check. As a normal person, you will probably pass.

In the Claremore JM Davis sale, a local FFL dealer, Brandon Hill at HBK Firearms, will be present to facilitate FFL transfers on site. It is advisable for prospective purchasers to provide necessary data in advance to compliance@hbkfirearms.com. This will help speed up transfers. Those wishing to have items shipped should do the same, having your local FFL holder set up the transfer in advance.

All FFL transfers cost a small fee. In Claremore, HBK’s fee is $30 per firearm. For those firearms shipped, please consult your local dealer for the fee. In some areas of the USA the fee is routinely higher. In others, a bit lower.  There is not a double fee- the fee is charged where you pick up the item. Local transfers for pickups will be handled by HBK at the Museum, subject to the $30 fee per firearm.

Antique weapons – those older than 1898 – require no FFL registration, and can be picked up at the Museum after payment, or can be shipped within the United States. These items are considered collectibles and relics.

And Finally……..

A Celebration of the West

A lot of gun collectors are western enthusiasts. Let’s use this occasion to celebrate this part of our heritage. I’ll bring along my Martin. Bring your instrument, and bring your songs. Let’s hear from songwriters and players from around the West. There’s songs a plenty from Texas, Nevada, Montana, Colorado. Songs about the West, about gun battles and hunting, songs about cowboys and the range – let’s hear what you’ve got! We’ll find a place, -maybe in the museum lobby, even if its in the parking lot or over at Holiday Inn Express (I’ve already cleared this one!).

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Claremore Hotels
Here are a few. There are plenty!

Holiday Inn Express  918 283 4877

La Quinta  918 965 1877

Super 8   918 431 2323

Hampton Inn   918 965 1360

Will Rogers Inn   918 341 4410

J M DavisArmsAndHistoricalMuseum

About the J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum

Home to the largest privately-held firearms collection in the WORLD.

Over 12,000 firearms and thousands of non-firearm artifacts ranging from Old West saddles and spurs, John Rogers statuary, Toby mugs and Beer Steins, World War I posters, and local Claremore and Rogers county history.


Auction proceeds benefit the J.M. Davis Foundation and the long term maintenance an upkeep of the museum!

JMDavis Brochure

All sales final. Auction winnings must be paid in full and picked up/shipped within 1 week of the auction
All post 1898 guns require FFL handling (set up locally by an independent FFL Dealer)

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