Summer 2020 Auction

Summer 2020 Auction

Auction Dates

TWO Weekends!

June 25, 26, 27, 28


July 10, 11, 12

Beginning at 8am pacific time each day


3555 Airway Drive #308

Reno, Nevada 89511

Preview the day before on June 24th at the Holabird Office or contact us to schedule a private preview.

Here we are in June already with our third massive sale of the year, and largest yet, with more than 4500 lots. In order to facilitate this sale, we needed to go to seven days – and to do that, had to spread the sale over two separate  weekends, two weeks apart.

This sale features a number of new and important collections of a wide variety of Americana. Our August sale will also feature some “hum-dingers” of collections that we are logging in now.

Discussion of a Few of the Collections

This sale has a number of important collections, offered in part now and in upcoming sales. In the last two sales we featured the John Reynolds Collection, and offer more here. Reynolds was an inveterate collector of Californiana for more than 50 years. Of particular importance here are a variety of vintage historical baseball and boxing cards (c1920-50) and historical material that we sent to an authentication service for grading. Their comment to us was that this is the finest collection ever seen. It should be noted the cards grades were “downgraded’ because Reynolds placed his price code in light pencil on the back of each card, easily removable.

Bart Landinger loved collecting Arizona material, mostly trade tokens. He garnered many great rarities while on the roads looking at collections over the years, and was a friendly face at Western token shows. He tragically lost his life recently, and this collection is a Celebration of Life for him.

Benjamin Fauver authored many books on tokens, and particularly loved gaming counters. He wrote at least seven books on American counters, those striking tokens made to resemble American gold coins. He also collected foreign counters (Jetons and the like), made for hundreds of years, particularly in western Europe. The Fauver American Counter collection is massive, and we have gone through it painstakingly to garner all of the varieties he located and collected. It will be offered over several sales. Fauver also collected pinback buttons of all sorts, with perhaps more than 10,000 offered here alone.

In the last sale we started selling a massive Western Map collection, which will continue for several sales. The collection has unusual maps generally not commonly seen.

Gold and minerals continue to be hot, and we have more gold specimens from two western collections.

Part of a Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) library highlights a massive Western history library spread throughout the sale.

Idaho collectors will love the huge Idaho real photo postcard collection spread throughout the sale.

The Art section is once again fantastic, highlighted by a group of early signed Norman Rockwell prints.

Searching for Your Favorite Items

Searching for items is really easy. We installed a search program in the “Virtual Catalog” linked above. Simply click on the catalog cover for this sale, and a search box will come up in the upper right corner of your screen above the catalog cover. Fill in your search words, and the search monkey will find everything with that name, locate it, and place markers at the left. Click on any of these markers and it takes you to highlighted text containing your search word (s).

Fred Holabird will be writing a newsletter regarding the contents of each day’s sale in advance of the sale.

Day 1  (1000 series)   June 25, 2020

  • California Ephemera (more Reynolds Collection)
  • Idaho real photo post card collection (also found in other places in the catalog)
  • Western map collection (also found in other places in catalog)
  •  Historical and vintage pinback collection
  • Vintage doll collection
  •  American Directory Collection
  • Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) Collection

Day 2  (2000 series)   June 26, 2020

  • Railroad badges and pass collection
  • Prag Railroad stock collection
  • Stage passes (Includes Sonora to Bodie)
  • Mining stocks from various collections

Day 3  (3000 series)   June 27, 2020

  • Minerals and native gold nuggets and rarities
  • Mining artifacts from an old collection
  • Mine maps
  • Native American: Art, Rugs, Jewelry, References (Chinook Dictionary, etc)
  • Cowboy
  • Art (Norman Rockwell early signed prints)
  • Bottles and saloon collectibles from various Western collections

Day 4  (4000 series)   June 28, 2020

  • Tokens- Bart Landinger Arizona Collection; California and western token and scrip collection;
  • Coins: Coin hoards (Indian Trading Post in Russellville, Ark.) cents to nickels with rare dates
  • Medals: Foreign and American medals from several Western Collections
  • Gaming Counters: a start of the massive Benjamin Fauver Collection
  • Exposition collectibles
  • Sports- Large baseball and boxing collection of John Reynolds

Day 5  (5000 series)   July 10, 2020

  • General Americana collectibles of all sorts
  • Post card collection, California and the West

Day 6   (6000 series)   July 11, 2020

  • Mining stocks. Wide variety from a number of collections

Day 7   (7000 series)   July 12, 2020

  • Political Button Collection (Fauver)
  • Sports: Baseball, boxing, Olympics
  • Firearms collectibles (no guns)
  • Art- all categories here
  • Historical Maps
  • Historical reference library


June 2020 Unsold Lots Catalog