Effective June 25, 2020

Per Nevada Governor Directive

This company is closed to the public until further notice.
We are operating at full capacity under Covid restrictions.

  • No Entry without permission. If no
    appointment, please call 851-1859,
    our regular number
  • No entry without face mask
  • No entry whatsoever if you are sick


  • Operations will continue ON LINE through our website www.FHWAC.com or www.holabirdamericana.com
  • Many of our employees will be handling business and auction tasks from their home computers throughout America.


Receiving Goods for Consignment

  • Please continue to ship goods to us in the usual manner: USPS, UPS, FedX or other shipping agencies
  • Onsite deliveries can be handled by specific appointment


June/July Office Preview and Attending the Auction

  • We continue to operate within state and federal Covid-19 guidelines and our own protocols to ensure the health and safety of both our staff and customers. These protocols include wearing masks inside the office/showroom and enforcing 6-foot distancing.
  • If you would like to come to the office to preview items or attend the auction, please call ahead to make an appointment. Space during the auction is very limited.
  • We strongly encourage bidding via one of multiple internet platforms or with the assistance of one of our phone agents. Login and Join Us Remotely for Another Great Sale!
Questions? Call us at (775) 851-1859