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Huge Gold Nugget From One of Our Alaska Clients!Huge gold nugget photo 2

A wonderful 38.37 troy ounce nugget measuring 4 3/8” x 3 1/8” x 7/8”.

From one of our metal detectorists, this huge nugget is exponentially rarer than any of the small one ounce nuggets that are so cherished today! Natural Nuggets of this size rarely are available for public sale, and there are records of less than five of them over the past few years. While we specialize in sourcing of nuggets, our client tells us that he traded for this piece, typical of many Alaska miners. It is reportedly from the Ganes Creek District, near McGrath, Alaska.

Available by Private Treaty…

Frederick Remington: “The Striking of the Match” 

Remington (web)

        This painting (tempera on board) by Remington dates to the end of the 19th century. It is titled, ”The Striking of the Match”. The Aztec chief will not reveal the location. Young lit a match for his pipe. The chief had never seen fire like that. He thought the group worthy of revealing the location. “His huge antagonist was held still by a wonder that was born half of admiration and half of awe”. 

        Remington was commissioned by Harper’s Monthly to do the illustrations for a book, The Aztec Treasure-House : A Romance of Contemporaneous Antiquity. Illustrated by Frederick Remington. Written by Thomas A. Janvier, Published by New York: Harper & Brothers,1890.

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