Montana & Western Americana Holiday Auction 

December 12th-15th, 2015


Auction Schedule & Clickable Links to Individual Categories:

December 12th: Montana “Big Sky” Live Auction. 

*Montana Postal History (Lots 1000-1218)

*Montana Ephemera & Stocks (Lots 1219-1243)

*Montana Tokens & Numismatic Pieces (Lots 1244-1633)

*Montana Stagecoach Archives (Lots 1634-1639)

December 13th: Western Americana Live Auction. 

*Native Americana (Lots 2000-2014)

*Saloon (Cigar, Wine, Brewing, Etc.) (Lots 2015-2096)

            Billiards (2015-2017)

            Bottles & Glass (2018-2036)

            Ephemera (Stocks, Documents, Photographs) (2037-2084)

            Hard Goods (Mirrors, Trays, Signs, Hardware) (2085-2096)

*Wells Fargo & Express (Lots 2097-2150)

*Numismatics (Lots 2151-2228)

            Cal-Fractionals, So-Called Dollars, Coins, Medals, Coin Collectibles (2151-2183)

            Scales (2184-2188)

            Bank Bags (2189-2190)

            Scrip & Currency (2191-2201)

            Ephemera (2202-2228)

*Mining Spoons & Early Western Cutlery (Lots 2229-2267)

*Mining (Lots 2268-2764)

            Minerals & Metals (nuggets, ore samples, ingots) (2268-2290)

            Jewelry (2291-2299)

            Gold Rush (Letters & Stock Certificates) (2300-2321)

            Assay (2322-2330)

            Ephemera & Stock Certificates (2331-2738)

            Oil (2739-2764)

December 14th: Western Americana Live Auction. 

*Tokens (City/State) (Lots 3000-3146)

            AK-AZ (3000-3008)

            CA (3009-3019)

            CO-NE (3020-3034)

            NV (3035-3116)

            NJ-PA (3117-3122)

            TX (3123-3132)

            UT-International (3133-3146)

*General Americana (Lots 3147-3450)

            Gaming (3147-3168)

            Civil War & Military (3169-3186)

            World Fairs & Expositions (3187-3209)

            Lumber Stocks & Bonds (3210-3218)

            Water Stocks & Bonds (3219-3241)

            City/State (3242-3450)

*Philatelic (Lots 3451-3508)

            Postal History (3451-3477)

            Revenue (3478-3508)

*Railroadiana (Lots 3509-3796)

            Railroad Passes (3509-3555)

            Ephemera, Stock Certificates & Bonds (3556-3776)

            Steamship (3777-3796)

 December 15th: Online-Only Americana Auction. 

*General Americana (Lots 4000-4634)

            Automobile (4000-4036)

            Display Cases (4037-4039)

            Presidential (4040-4060)

            City/State (4061-4634)

*Mining (Ephemera & Stock Certificates) (Lots 4635-4760)

8AM (PDT) start time all sessions.


SVOBODA COLLECTION PART II: Hundreds of Rare Montana Postal Covers, Postcards, Tokens, and Good For Mirrors

PRAG COLLECTION PART VI: Eastern Railroad Passes, Stocks & Bonds; Hawaii Ephemera, including documents, checks, stocks; Western Mining Stocks & Bonds (Colorado, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada); Revenue documents including stocks, bonds, and Western checks; lumber, water, oil, and brewing stocks.

ALSO: rare Nevada and Texas tokens; Native Americana; Wells Fargo & Express items; Gold Rush letters and stocks; mining collectibles including documents, photographs, badges, and spoons; saloon documents, photographs, and advertising; and more!


Available by Private Treaty…

Frederick Remington: “The Striking of the Match” 

Remington (web)

        This painting (tempera on board) by Remington dates to the end of the 19th century. It is titled, ”The Striking of the Match”. The Aztec chief will not reveal the location. Young lit a match for his pipe. The chief had never seen fire like that. He thought the group worthy of revealing the location. “His huge antagonist was held still by a wonder that was born half of admiration and half of awe”. 

        Remington was commissioned by Harper’s Monthly to do the illustrations for a book, The Aztec Treasure-House : A Romance of Contemporaneous Antiquity. Illustrated by Frederick Remington. Written by Thomas A. Janvier, Published by New York: Harper & Brothers,1890.

Call our office at (775) 851-1859 for details.