Our Western Americana Safari Auction is now online and open to bidding!


Please see Table of Contents below to find specific categories and the auction schedule.

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Western Americana Safari Auction

Table of Contents

Day One (Friday, December 9th, 2016) (Lots 1000-1706)

Gold (Lots 1000-1053)

Ore/Mineral Specimens (Lots 1054-1074)

Mining Part I (Lots 1075-1706)

                         Mining Candlesticks (Lots 1075-1095)

                         Mining Hardhats (Lots 1096-1098)

                        Carbide Mining Lamps (Lots 1099-1254)

                        Safety Mining Lamps (Lots 1255-1275)

                        Teapot Mining Lamps (Lots 1276-1301)

                        Assay (Lots 1302-1328)

                        Mining Ephemera (State/City) (Lots 1329-1706)

                                    Alaska thru Nevada


Day Two (Saturday, December 10th, 2016) (Lots 2000-2674)

Mining Part II (Lots 2000-2155)

                        State/City (New Jersey thru Foreign) (Lots 2000- 2103)

                        Gold Rush (Lots 2104-2134)

                        Mining Spoons (Lots 2135-2155)

Native Americana (Lots 2156-2334)

                        Baskets (Lots 2156-2184)

                        Beadwork (Lots 2185-2203)

                        Cradleboards (Lots 2204-2207)

                        Jewelry (Lots 2208-2251)

                        Moccasins (Lots 2252-2258)

                        Weapons & Points (Lots 2259-2279)

                        Pottery (Lots 2280-2301)

                        Rugs (Lots 2302-2317)

                        Art, Artifacts, & Ephemera (Lots 2318-2334)

Cowboy (Lots 2335-2404)

                        Franz Trevors (C.M. Russell) Paintings (Lots 2335-2338)

                        Saddles (Lots 2339-2349)

                        Spurs & Bits (Lots 2350-2377)

                        Clothing (Lots 2378-2390)

                        Ephemera (Lots 2391-2404)

Firearms, Weaponry, & Military (Lots 2405-2498)

Taxidermy (Lots 2499-2578)

                        Sorted Alphabetically

Railroad, Stage, & Steamship (Lots 2579-2635)

                        Sorted by State/City

Wells Fargo & Other Express (Lots 2636-2674)

                        Wells Fargo (Lots 2636-2659)

                        Railroad Express (Lots 2660-2666)

                        Other Express (Lots 2667-2674)


Day Three (Sunday, December 11th, 2016) (Lots 3000-3651)

Tokens (State/City) (Lots 3000-3139)

Numismatics (Lots 3140-3651)

                        Ingots (Lots 3140-3152)

                        Currency & Scrip (Lots 3153-3163)

                        Ephemera (Lots 3164-3185)

                        Coins & Coin Collectibles (Lots 3186-3262)

                                    US & Other Coins (Lots 3186-3193)

                                    Mexican Coins (Lots 3194-3255)

                                    Coin Collectibles (Lots 3256-3262)

                        Cal Fractionals & Gaming Counters (Lots 3263-3280)

                        Hart’s Coins of the Golden West (Lots 3281-3295)

                        Medals & So-Called Dollars (Lots 3296-3342) (SF Vigilance Medal is Lot 3296)

                       Don Young US Medal Collection (Lots 3343-3651)

                                    Alphabetical by Association (ANA-TAMS)


Day Four (Monday, December 12th, 2016) (Lots 4000-4626)

Bottles, Saloon, & Brewing (Lots 4000-4071)

                        Bottles (Lots 4000-4056)

                        Saloon & Brewing (Lots 4057-4071)

 Gaming (Lots 4072-4112)

General Americana (Lots 4113-4626)

                        Various (Lots 4113-4194)

                        Sorted by State / City (Alabama thru Foreign) (Lots 4195-4570)

                        Books (Lots 4571-4626)

                                    Directories (Lots 4571-4587)

                                    General (Lots 4588-4626)


December 2016 Highlights

Wow! This one will be a biggie. Here are some of the highlights:

*Another huge gold section incl. identified nuggets and Comstock ore specimens

*A fabulous collection of nearly 100 wildlife mounts from two major collections, Western US and Africa

*The last segment of Montana tokens from the Svoboda Collection

*A choice Numismatics section including silver and gold ingots and a very rare San Francisco 1856 Vigilance medal 

*Rare Western tokens incl. Alaska gold nugget tokens and a Bodie saloon token

*The fabulous Don Young Collection of American Medals (c.1900-present) that covers approx. a dozen different collecting societies including American Numismatic Association, the Token & Medal Society, Central States Coin Club, and many others. This collection features numerous silver and other presentation medals, awards, etc. and is one of the best collections of its kind every assembled!

*A mint state Mexico, post-1900 coin collection 

*Gold tokens from the Hart’s Coins of the Golden West 

*More Western bottles incl. a Bodie bottle and colored Nevada bottles

*Rare California and Nevada mining stock certificates (1860s-1930s)

*Choice railroad & express items directly from descendants of Western express and railroad agents including an incredible Virginia & Truckee Railroad stock signed by Sharon, Mills, and Ralston, and a very rare Eureka Nevada Railroad stock certificate!

*A large collection of mining lamps and candlesticks, incl. carbide lamps, teapot lamps, safety lamps, and hardhats.

*A Gold Rush section including a presentation belt buckle and clipper ship advertising cards, as well as mining stock certificates

*Gorgeous turquoise jewelry, rugs, baskets, and other pieces of Native Americana 

*Another great group of antique firearms (~50 pieces) incl. a presentation sword for a Constitutional Delegate (Caleb Young)

*And our usual General Americana section full of different Western goodies from Colorado, Nevada, and California.

*We are also offering a wonderful group of historical material from an Oregon family suitable for full room displays – of three different collections – one from a mining and ranching family over 140 yrs; another from a Roseburg family over 110 yrs; and a third from a farming family. Each of these will be offered intact, so that our museum friends can have the opportunity to purchase unpicked family archives/artifacts just the way they lived over the past 100-150 years! These lots make for perfect historical full-room displays, and at least two come with a full paper archives.










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A must have historical reference! 
480 pages, full-color hardback edition individually wrapped in plastic.

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