MAY 13th & 14th, 2016


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Want to know more about the George Custer Indian Capture Carbine featured in our May 14th, 2016 auction?  CLICK HERE to read the monograph compiled by Fred Holabird and R.L. Wilson. *Please note: A second edition of this monograph will be posted soon.
Categories Include:

1. Antique Firearms – About 100 specialty pieces, highlighted by:
a. G. A. Custer Indian Capture Carbine once belonging to Chief Black Kettle, killed at battle at Washita by Custer’s troops. Handed down in Custer’s family, then to the Dick Reyes family, known to collectors for decades. Featured in the new April-May edition of “Cowboys and Indians”
b. G. A. Custer ephemera, including epaulets. Single epaulets from the family were sold at a Butterfields sale years ago. These are the other “half”.
c. Colt 1873 Army SN #5. an all-time great piece.
d. Original Walker, with provenance back to about 1860, once owned by a Texas Ranger, from the original family to us.
e. Remington rifle inscribed to a Hollywood Director by Carbine Williams, straight from the family.
f. Group of classic Kentucky rifles.
g. Firearms library
2. American Mining Spoon Collection. More than 600 mining spoons of silver and copper, one of the finest collections ever assembled. All have the mining theme. (circa 1890 to 1920)
a. Fabulous Colorado section.
b. Excellent Montana and Alaska sections.
c. Incredible carved agate spoons by Colorado jeweler Tammen (circa 1890’s)
3. Native American Baskets, rugs and points
a. Fabulous polychrome pictorial basket by one of the James sisters, held in the family of the original owner since the early 1900’s.
b. Items from the Indian Agent at Nixon, Nevada, held in the family until now
c. Obsidian points from the Stewart Indian School Collection (Carson City).
d. Choice oil paintings
4. Cowboy and Saddlery
a. Nearly a dozen historical saddles
b. Choice spurs from famous Nevada saddle/spur makers
5. Choice Mining Items
a. Sharon Dinner Plate ingot turned into candy tray
b. Original high grade gold specimen, discovery piece from Nevada City, marked “Wells Fargo”
c. Rare Mining  and Geology Books
d. Ultra rare mining camp tokens, including the great Pay-Teller from Rhyolite
e. Gold Quartz jewelry
6. Other Categories
a. Original Vigilante broadside, 1861
and much more!!

AUGUST, 2016.

National Bottle Auction, Sacramento   – The ‘49er Bottle Jamboree

We are the selected auction house! Please get us your rare bottles for this unique sale. We’ve already got in some spectacular items, including what may be one of the finest of all Western whiskey bottles!

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Stocks? Yes,  They are up and ready for purchase and more coming soon!

Tokens, badges, pins, and medals? Hundreds of them!

Ephemera? From throughout the West! Letters, photographs, billheads, postcards, checks, etc.

Gambling? Poker chips are up and ready to be won.

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 Available by Private Treaty…

Frederick Remington: “The Striking of the Match” 

Remington (web)

        This painting (tempera on board) by Remington dates to the end of the 19th century. It is titled, ”The Striking of the Match”. The Aztec chief will not reveal the location. Young lit a match for his pipe. The chief had never seen fire like that. He thought the group worthy of revealing the location. “His huge antagonist was held still by a wonder that was born half of admiration and half of awe”. 

        Remington was commissioned by Harper’s Monthly to do the illustrations for a book, The Aztec Treasure-House : A Romance of Contemporaneous Antiquity. Illustrated by Frederick Remington. Written by Thomas A. Janvier, Published by New York: Harper & Brothers,1890.

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